About Us

What is CAHIV?

CAHIV (Croatian Association for HIV and viral hepatitis) is a non-governmental, non-politic, non-profit association focused on prevention, education and helping people who live with HIV, AIDS or viral hepatitis. CAHIV helps all people who live with HIV or hepatitis to solve their problems in terms of medical, social or legal aid, actively takes part in the field of educating young people and general population on HIV and hepatitis and discrimination related to it.

Who is CAHIV and what does CAHIV do?

CAHIV is a team of its members, employees, volunteers.
CAHIV started with its work in 1999. It was aimed to help people who had HIV. During the first years of its work, the efforts were focused on ensuring medical and social care for people living with HIV/AIDS. With time, people who live with HIV were provided with self-support groups, free legal advising and psycho-social aid. The field of work was expanded to prevention and educational projects. In 2005., a Center for testing and counselling was opened in the clinic for infectious diseases „Dr. Fran Mihaljević” in Zagreb, through a Global Fund project. In the beginning of 2010. the activities were further expanded to the field of viral hepatitis and CAHIV changed his name to Croatian Association for HIV and viral hepatitis. In mid 2011. we opened Counselling centre for psychosocial support for people infected with viral hepatitis.

See our activities, projects and initiatives in detail

– Check Point Zagreb – a youth health and education centre
– web site – www.huhiv.hr
– online counselling and advising – pitaj@huhiv.hr
– HUHIV INFO bulletin
– SOS telephone line – 0800 448 767
– public lectures on HIV
– provision and sending medication
– organizing the celebration of World AIDS Day
– education for young people
– education for healthcare workers
– self-support groups
– help in providing treatment
– free legal advising
– outreach programs – education, counselling, testing
– printed materials
– participation in national and international conferences and seminars
– campaigns for testing
– educational campaign STOP AIDS
– 1st report on the status of human rights of people living with HIV or under higher risk
– Organizing the celebration of World Hepatitis Day
– Cooperation with other associations and organizations

About us

Croatian Association for HIV (CAHIV) is NGO that was established in the year 1999.
The main reason for founding the Croatian association for HIV was, and still is, a number of problems that HIV positive people in Croatia are facing with, especially lack of medical and social care, stigmatization and discrimination.
CAHIV has begun with activities of preventions and medical, legal help to PLWHA right away after registration.

CAHIV mission is to help people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) self-organizing themselves and then advocate for their human rights and benefits arising from the health and social welfare systems.
Long-term development objectives include prevention of HIV/AIDS, assistance to PLWHA and insuring that they receive adequate medical and social treatment.
Registered activities of this NGO are: material, social, psychological and health protection of PLWHA, concern for their equal medical treatment and fight against their discrimination, prevention activities, publishing materials, health education, international co-operation, organizing expert seminars and discussion panels.
This is the only NGO in Croatia which deals with HIV and hepatitis infected people problems, as well as with stigma and discrimination decrease in society, which is present toward disease, and rising awareness of young people for keeping their and others health.


Current and past activities:

• Check Point Zagreb is a youth health and education centre for voluntary, anonymous, confidential and free HIV and hepatitis C testing using rapid saliva tests that give results in only 20 minutes.
• Psychosocial centre and a VCT site at University Hospital for Infectious Diseases in Zagreb. The funds for this project were made available through Croatian Global Fund project: Scaling up the National response to HIV/AIDS and viral hepatitis.
The main activities are giving psychosocial support to the people living with HIVand viral hepatitis, testing and preventing of HIV/HCV, fighting against discrimination through education, publishing materials and organizing discussion panels, promoting safe sex and healthy life mainly targeted to the young population which are at great risk in Croatia.
• Creating of antidiscrimination law on HIV/AIDS in Croatia,
• Resocialization and integration into society of HIV+ persons,
• Distribution of medicaments for patients living in other parts of Croatia than Zagreb,
• CAHIV started disciplinary processes against journalists who abused basic human rights of PLWHA in their articles (i.e. publishing names),
• SOS INFO phone – information on testing, symptoms and other HIV/AIDS, hepatitis and other std,s related questions
• Workshops for youth (primary and high school pupils) in towns and small towns all over Croatia: EduHIV – more then 40 schools over Croatia
• Expert seminar for experts – medical workers education
• Educational-informative campaign ”HIV/AIDS Info” , „ WORLD HEPATITIS DAY“
• CAHIV’s representative is member of National AIDS Committee by Ministry of Health
• Event-Prevent campaigns, targeting young’s on safe sex themes.

Contact us

Croatian association for HIV and viral hepatitis
Ulica kneza Domagoja 10
10 000 Zagreb

M: +385/1 / 4666 655
F: +385/1 / 4666 655

HIV SOS tel: 0800 448 767

Tomislav Beganović, president of CAHIV –  tomislav.beganovic@huhiv.hr

Account Number: 703000-743569
IBAN: HR14 2340 0091 1001 9570 5